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For a moment please imagine our company as a restaurant! My name is Peter Vastag, executive director, and owner of Autotherm Ltd. I have faith that in our dry and technical profession we are able to offer a service comparable to a Michelin star restaurant. Our aim is that if you decide to have dinner at our company you not only get enough to eat, but also leave with a good experience! Our waiters happily help you select the flavor combination you desire; in the kitchen our cooks prepare the meal from high quality materials with highest precision. I consider it my mission that we become the Michelin star restaurant of cooled and refrigerated body building.


3.5 Ton Vans

Van isolation



At the time of van isolation the temperature and transport requirements of the goods has to be considered. In the case of a precise medicine transport a permanent temperature is much more important as in the case of a fresh good transport. In case of a meet transport resistance is a main factor (protection of the isolation); an ice cream transporter should be able to cool its cargo room to -20 C° even in highest ambient heat.

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3.5 Ton commercial vehicles

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We imagine you think that such a vehicle body is only iron, steel and aluminum parts, mounted on a vehicle chassis, and are suitable for all goods!

What would you say if we told you that the body can be adapted to the goods, and the circumstances of the transport! Even the vehicle brand and type can be chosen accordingly.

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For months I was examining quotations of body builders, looking at all the details. After 3 years, and 38 vehicles i still think the team of Autotherm is the best!

Tibor Mayer

Subcontractor of Főnix Pharma


The teams demand for quality, precision, and the stance of the management to individual requests is perfect

János Zollai

Executive, owner of Zollai Ltd.


Exact deadlines delivery, quality work, the word: guarantee

Balázs Neuberger

Executive Neuberger és Fiai Ltd


You did a great yob in building our new van into a cooled vehicle, we are perfectly satisfied. All the burocratic work attached was done fast, and precise.

Tamás Nádasdi

executive – Palian Ltd


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